Ranjha meets Imam e Kaaba

Former Minister and senior leader PMLN, Barrister Mohsin Ranjha has met Imam-e-Kaaba, Dr. Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhany today.
Saudi Minister of Islamic affairs, Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al Ash-Shaikh and Saudi ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Bin Said Al- Malki was also present on the occasion.
During discussion,Barrister Mohsin Ranjha said that relations between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are based on mutual trust and brotherhood. Both countries would continue to play part for peace, prosperity and betterment of the Muslim Ummah.
Former minister said Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are like two bodies and one soul. Our sorrow, happiness, and destination are the same. Both the countries are the symbol of peace, brotherhood, progress, and prosperity. He discussed about the strategy to further strengthen the ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
Barrister Mohsin Ranjha has deeply highlighted the role of Pakistan against terrorism and the sacrifices bieng rendered by the soldiers of its military forces.

Senior leader PMLN further said that Pakistani’s has a greatest regard for Saudi Arabia and they would never tolerate any aggression against it.He said we are ready to sacrifice our lives for the protection of “Harmain Shareefain,”
Barrister Mohsin Ranjha further said that the relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are deep-rooted and time-tested and the same level of relationship existed between the people of both countries.


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